Flash Game Blog, Week 7

Hey, Blackduck with the complete game!

Finally, after all those weeks of working on this game, it’s finally done! You can find it at http://www.kongregate.com/games/Blackduck/termites-flash-edition and while you’re there, feel free to rate it 5/5, favourite it, and spread the word! If you want me to change anything in the game or whatnot, feel free to tell me now. But you’ll probably notice that the spells are now fully functional, there’s no more lag, and the game is fully completed!

Also, I need to know if you guys are interested in me continuing to blog about progress and flash games and stuff, because if nobody reads this or whatnot, then I might as well stop. Please don’t say “Keep on going” just because you want to make me feel good or anything, comment with the truth!

3 thoughts on “Flash Game Blog, Week 7”

  1. Honestly, keep going; I enjoyed seeing how the game progressed and I really enjoyed the final thing!

    Some problems were it was a bit short, graphics were a bit plain and there wasn’t that large of variety of enemies. Excluding that, it was really a great game and I liked it! =D

  2. I’ll agree with DeaP on the fact that I definitely do enjoy reading an updated progress, seeing how the game has improved from the start to the finish. While the game does have some problems, the overall improvement was very good. I’m saying to KEEP GOING out of honesty!;D

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