Geoff Keighley also teasing a new Mario title

Game Trailer TV’s host Geoff Keighley hinted that a new Mario game is on the way. Recently on this twitter he said  “Someone introduces himself as “It’s-a-me, Mario!” in a big holiday game, and it’s not New Super Mario Bros Wii.

This could be related to the Mario title which Charles Martinet said he was working on awhile back on his Twitter. If it is for this holiday season, it seems a bit late in the game for a full retail release. Maybe a WiiWare or DSiWare title? Then again recently Nintendo has been announcing games then releasing them within 1-2 months. We will just have to wait and see.

(Source: Geoff Keighley’s Twitter)

6 thoughts on “Geoff Keighley also teasing a new Mario title”

    1. If were talking about Charles Martinet he said the voice work was not for New Super Mario Brothers Wii or Mario Galaxy 2.

      As for Mario Galaxy 2 I think it could be a possibility, but I’m not sure if Nintendo would want to put out two full retail Mario platformers right beside each other on the same system.

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