Halloween marathon summary

What an excellent marathon. There’s so many people that we need to thank, starting with Capcom. They raised the awareness of our marathon and helped further legitimize what we game for.  As of right now, the community has raised over $8,200 for Diabetes Research and Wellness.  The chip in will remain available till Tuesday Nov.3.

This community really is awesome.  Think about this; we’re just under $2,000 away from raising $100,000 total for various causes. $100,000 in under 2 years!!!!!!! Unbelievable!! This is just the beginning for TSG.

Because of the time of the year it is with the college semester in full swing, prizes might take a bit to come your way. I’ll email the winners this week and get shipping details finalized.

Tomorrow I’ll post the full winner’s list.

Next up, our most highly anticipated Marathon this year:  Pokemon Marathon 2, starting  December 18th.

Enjoy the blog and events we have planned to kill time before our next marathon!

19 thoughts on “Halloween marathon summary”

  1. woot i’m so glad that we:
    Made it over our goal
    are so close to over 100,000$ total
    are approaching the pkmn marathon (also gonna be my TSG-aversary for being here for a year almost now)
    and that we got Capcom to support us 😀

  2. I really enjoyed this marathon from what I saw. I got sick mid way through the marathon so missed a good chunk of it but I’m glad to see everything turned out great. Congrats to all of the prize winners as well!

    Can’t wait for the next Route TSG.

  3. Yeah, this marathon was awesome! Can’t wait for the next one. I got to play with you guys too on Resident Evil 5 versus too at the end, which was fun as well.

    All I can say is thanks for a great time!

  4. TSG wants to be the very best!
    Like no one ever was!
    To play them fast is their real test,
    To raise money their real cause!
    They will battle across the games,
    Probably with little sleep!
    And you can bet their marathon won’t be lames,
    Or Pikachu might weep!
    Their thumbs so truuuue!
    Their mad skills will pull them through!
    You teach me but I probably can’t teach you!
    Gotta play em all, gotta play em all!
    *<–made that up as I went*

  5. I’m very excited for the Pokemon marathon. I haven’t played much of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl to be honest [blasphemy!], so I think I’m going to resume playing them during this marathon. 🙂

    I’m very happy that it falls during winter break for me, too. Yay! 😀

  6. Guess now you can say you’ve had song(s?) written about you 😛 Or reworded. “We’ve been on TV, we’ve even had song… reworded… about us!” “No way, you’ve had song reworded? I want song reworded about me!” “You’ll make it someday, kid.”

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