Leaked Halo Reach screens

Uh oh, looks like someone has snapped a couple of photos of what looks to be the Halo Reach Alpha. I found these on the Neogaf forums and much speculation has already begun.  What do you guys think? What can you tell from these screens? Give us your analysis.

More screens after the break.


11 thoughts on “Leaked Halo Reach screens”

    1. accually, its about 4 months from its open multiplayer beta so its not even pre-alpha. Bungie’s also been working on reach for 22 months (nearly 2 years).

  1. Looks real enough to me..makes me wonder how someone even GOT those shots. I’d hate to think Bungie gave somebody an exclusive sneak peek and they repaid the favour by sneakily taking pictures with their phone and posting them to the internet..guess that’s what happens when you don’t put people under NDA. 😛

  2. Unless they are using the Halo 3 engine with all of those textures, this isn’t real. Texturing is like the 2nd to last thing to be done besides optimization. It looks good none the less but it’s fairly likely that someone is trying to make this some viral “leak” which may infact be Bungie themselves. Another question is, did they have a marketing deal with Samsung? That logo is dead visible in that picture.

    And for any wondering if the monitor means ZOMG PC release, there are tons of devs out there that program the game, render it for testing and run scripts all via the PC before they even go towards the console. Like I said, optimization is the very last thing they do and usually it is about the time the game finally goes to the console for Alpha and Beta testing.

  3. What leads me to believe that these are real would be the fact that the second screen (The pause menu) says: “Objective number 1 goes in this space here”, suggesting that it is, in fact and in development screen

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