Mega Man Legends 3 “definitely not dead”

The Megaman Legends series has remained unfinished for almost a decade now. At this point some fans have probably given up hope for a third title in the series, but Keiji Inafune on multiple occasions has expressed interest in continuing the series.

Unfortunately it seems Capcom’s stance on the title still hasn’t changed much, but Capcom Community Manager Seth Killian assures fans that there’s still a chance for the series. Seth recently took part in the 4 Guys 1UP Podcast and talked about Mega Man Legends 3 saying “It’s definitely not dead and Inafune says, I saw him yesterday and he always says that. He knows that’s a question from fans all the time and he talks about it all the time: ‘you know when I finally get some time, I’m going to work on a Legends 3 or something.’ He definitely would like to see it happen.

So while it doesn’t really add anything, it is nice to know that Inafune still plans on getting to it some day.

(Source:The Mega Man Network)

4 thoughts on “Mega Man Legends 3 “definitely not dead””

  1. Oh my gosh! I want a Megaman Legends 3 So bad!!
    If it did come out, I hope they’d put it on the PSP or PS2 rather then PS3, But if it only came out for PS3….well, I’d go buy a PS3! |DD

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