More Lufia details and full Famitsu scans

The new Lufia title is a remake of Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals which appeared on the Super Nintendo as a prequel to the original Lufia title, Lufia & the Fortress of Doom. But  Square-Enix stressed that this title is more then just a remake. The story, characters, and world have been completely reconstructed for this new title. While there will be many changes for the series in this game, the title will still hold elements of the Lufia franchise to make it fit well within the series.

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The new battle system is meant to appeal to fans of action games, but they also want those who aren’t as good at action games to be able to pick up the combat system quickly. During normal combat the gameplay is on the top screen while the bottom screen sports a map and character portraits. You can use the character portraits to switch out characters; you can even switch characters out mid combo. When a boss battle takes place the gameplay expands to both screens with your character appearing on the bottom screen. Aside from combat the dungeons will feature puzzles to mix up the gameplay.

Lufia DS’s story will follow the basic structure of the second title. But while the story will keep some elements that fans of the original will be familiar with, much of the story is being rewritten. While the game still takes place in the same world, the overworld map has been completely changed and the amount of cities in the title differ from the original.

The game will also feature music from both the original Lufia and Lufia II which will obviously remastered for this release. As mentioned before, the game will also feature voice acting.

(Information Source: IGN and NeoGaf)

(Scan Source: True Gaming)

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