New Final Fantasy XIII trailer


If your looking for lots of gameplay then you’re looking at the wrong trailer. The trailer is jammed pack with cinematics and plenty of talking in a language I can’t understand. Final Fantasy XIII is set to launch on March 9th in North America, Europe and Australia for both the X-box 360 and PlayStation 3.

I probably won’t pick up the game for quite some time. But I’m curious if it will turn out to really be a new high point in Final Fantasy series or just kind of slip in with the rest. How excited are you guys for Final Fantasy XIII? Do you think it will be up to snuff with the rest of the series?

11 thoughts on “New Final Fantasy XIII trailer”

  1. I’m very excited for it, actually plan on doing a FF Marathon Competition of Sorts with friends starting soon and going all the way up to it’s release.

    It’s by far my most anticipated upcoming game and a midnight release pickup for sure. I also think it will be up with the other top games in the series.

  2. The game should have seriously just been The Misadventures of Lionel Richie and his Chocobo Buddy.

    In my mind: The villain pulls the inevitable “grab all the Magic Artifacts from the heroes right after they’ve collected them” move. As he runs off cackling (or giggling like a prettyboy or whatever) the heroes become distraught and say “oh no! Now the world is doomed! He has all the Magic Artifacts!” At which point Lionel Richie Guy says “ohhh, I wouldn’t say THAT,” and pulls one of the artifacts from within his afro, where he stashed it when the bad guys showed up. Then the chocobo hops on his shoulder and chirps happily, and Lionel laughs and says “haha, you said it, little buddy!”

  3. For not understanding a word the game sure looks good. That end bit with the summons was awesome.

    Feels like the game’s going have a mixed reaction though. Either people love it or dismiss it.

  4. Yep.i cant wait for the next FF marathon ( its GOING to be annual.. RIGHT?!?!?!? ) i just wanna import it…. but i know i wont get it. maybe the PS3 couldve gotten subs and everything cause you know they wanted to be REALLY ambitious with this but they had to “fair” to 360 and PS3 owners. but now we just have to wait.

  5. I don’t think it’s possible, but that trailer just made me want it even more! Though you can see the differences in the real cinematics and the smaller ones, they are incredible nonetheless.

  6. I don’t think I’ll like FFXIII as much as I adore FFXII, but I think this game will take a firm second. It’s so amazingly anticipated, and SE has prepared itself for it this time around. Can’t wait for this amazing game~!

    I think Lighting, Hope, and Fang will end up being my main party. =)

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