New Lufia title confirmed for Nintendo DS

A few days ago we found out that a new Lufia title was on the way from Square-Enix. Now that Famitsu is out we have some more details. The title will be a Action RPG and  is set to come out in Japan on February 25th on the Nintendo DS. Only other detials known at the moment is that it will have 3D graphics and voice acting.

You can check out parts of the scan after the jump.

(Details Source: Neogaf)
(Scan Source: Wii@Everyday)

Lufia Famitsu scan 1

Lufia Famitsu Scan 2

5 thoughts on “New Lufia title confirmed for Nintendo DS”

  1. At a first glance she reminded me of Lucia from Fire Emblem Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn.

    But yeah, I’ve only heard of the Lufia series. Haven’t tried any of the games myself. At some point I’d like to.

  2. is Selena the traditional “blue haired girl” that always plays a central role in Lufia games? (i won’t go into details because it’s spoiler-ish)

  3. o my goodness. I hope they release this in the US asap. It looks amazing. And the original Lufia series for S-Nes was one of the best RPGs I’ve ever played. *crosses fingers*

    @Nashzilla: It looks like “Selena” is the equivalent to Selan from the traditional Lufia games. Selan was the girl with turquiose hair in a ponytail. The girl with long blue hair is Lufia.

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