New WiiWare title from Nintendo and Intelligent Systems

530 Eco Shooter is based off the concept of the old can shooting light gun game on NES (The name of that title escapes me at the moment). The game follows the story of Ossan who is a factory worker and a master of recycling. He has to use his “Recycle Cannon” to break down cans of various sizes that have been modified by aliens into vehicles. Ossan has to stop the aliens from stealing resources from the planet by breaking down their can space ships.

The title is a on-rails shooter as the vehicle Ossan rides in moves automatically. When a can is destroyed it releases GE energy which acts as Ossan’s health and ammo. In order to restore GE you have to use the wii remote’s pointer and the Z button to absorb the energy dropped by the destroyed cans. If your GE hits 0 it is game over.

530 Eco Shooter is currently scheduled to release in Japan on November 24th for 1000 Wii points. There is some footage and screens after the jump. You can also check out the official Japanese website here.

(Source: Andriasang)

The video has no sound.




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  1. Intelligent Systems makes some pretty tight games. The Paper Mario games, Fire Emblem, Famicom (Advanced) Wars Games, The Gameboy Player Accessory… *Keeps listing*. So there is no doubt this game will be pretty interesting.

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