Nintendo Announces Hotel Dusk sequel and Nintendo's first mature title

Nintendo announced two titles today. The first being a Hotel Dusk: Room 215 sequel called Last Window -Mayonaka no Yakusoku. In Japan the title will be coming out on  January 14th for the Nintendo DS.  The only details on the actual game so far is it takes place in 1980’s Los Angeles.

The other title is the first M (Cero D) rated title Nintendo themselves have actually developed (games like Eternal Darkness, Geist and Disaster: Day of Crisis were done by second and third parties). It’s Japanese name is Zangeki no REGINLEIV and will be coming out February 11th in Japan on the Wii. The only details currently available is that it has a 4 player online co-op mode.

As of right now these titles have only been announced for Japan. If you live in North America I’m not sure if you should get your hopes up for Last Window considering Another Code R never made it here which is a similar type of game by the same developer. On the bright side Nintendo DS is region free unlike the Wii.

You can check out some small art for both titles after the jump.

(Source: Ameblo via Neogaf)

Last Window


5 thoughts on “Nintendo Announces Hotel Dusk sequel and Nintendo's first mature title”

  1. Yay, a Hotel Dusk sequel! I can’t wait to see what it’s all about and if it’s going to be coming out in America. I loved the first game, so it would be cruel to not give the second game to us.

  2. I saw rumors of Last Window last night. Glad to see it’s officially gonna happen. Hopefully it’ll at least be released in Europe like Another Code R. I wouldn’t mind importing as long as it’s in English.

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