No More Heroes X-box 360 screen shots, plus Wii/360 comparison shots

No More Heroes screen shots were posted on I was planning on bringing them over here but Silverlights giving me some trouble with loading images. So you will just have to head over there and check them out yourself if you want to see all the screens for the port.

On the other hand though, Andriasang has collected some Wii/360 comparison shots which you can check out after the Jump. Honestly it doesn’t big of a improvement in my eyes, but it definitely looks better. Also it looks like there is a lot more shading for some reason.

The arrows are from Silverlight in case you were wondering

Wii Comparasion 1

Wii Comparasion 2

Wii Comparasion 3

4 thoughts on “No More Heroes X-box 360 screen shots, plus Wii/360 comparison shots”

  1. I was almost positive the main selling point of the game was the Wii controls (I haven’t played the game so I cannot be sure). The only real difference I see in those screens is more shading effects (as was pointed out in the article) and it doesn’t really make a difference. We’ll have to see more when the game comes out or closer to it’s release.

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