Patent reveals that Microsoft is working on their own version of Super Guide

Seems like Microsoft may be jumping on the Super Guide bandwagon although their straying away from the “let the game do it for you” approach that Nintendo has. Andre Vrignaud,  Director Games Platform Strategy at Microsoft, filed a patent of a system Microsoft has been developing for over a year.

The patent details a service where players who get stuck can have the game look in a data base for user made guides or tips for the current situation the player is in. This content will come over X-box Live, but the patent didn’t specifically mention if it was exclusive to Gold members.

The service would allow users to capture screens and record video which they can annotate with a digital pencil. Players can also record audio commentary for their guide as well. Users will be able to tag certain situations, objects, and items to link their guides to specific parts of the game. Developers can also include their own guides as well.

Of course this is just a patent so it may never see the light of day, but it definitely sounds like something that may be convenient for players.

(Source: Siliconera)

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