Route TSG Episode 4: Mega Man 9

Oscar has always been given the task of doing the tougher 2-d games during our marathons.  In August Oscar played Mega Man 9 for us and did a spectacular job.  In this episode Oscar will take you through his thought process and give you tips on how to conquer the unforgiving Mega Man 9.

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20 thoughts on “Route TSG Episode 4: Mega Man 9”

  1. Downloading this now to my PS3. Been put off by the difficulty of this game for too long but I got persistent with the demo and got through the Concrete Man stage rather well =]

  2. I finally got around to watching this episode of Route TSG, great job Oscar!! I like Megaman 9, too. I’m looking forward to future episodes. Megaman 9 ftw!

  3. Oscar: There is no running momentum in MegaMan games. Running starts do not give you a greater distance at all. In fact, it just makes it tougher to time your jump right. Just inch to the edge (if I recall correctly, you just need half a foot on the platform), then jump and hold right from there.

    Also, after saying not to use the abilities too quickly, you consistently use up three times as much energy as you need to by trying to rapid-fire bosses. They have temporary invincibility after every shot, so 2/3s of your shots have been going straight through doing no damage. Be more conservative, man! On the other hand, you seem to shoot your regular buster one shot at a time, even though you have infinite ammo. O_o

    Other than that, I enjoyed the videos. :thumbsup:

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