Rumor: Kameo 2 and other RARE projects smashed by Project Natal

Earlier this year RARE under went a restructuring to focus on developing software for Project Natal. A source close to RARE has told CVG that Kameo 2 and other traditional franchise sequels that were in development by RARE have been swept aside in favor of developing for Project Natal. CVG‘s source did say in Kameo‘s case another major contributing factor was that the original launch title had less then stellar sales, so not all the blame can be placed on Natal.

While it is a shame to see franchise titles crushed, I think RARE and Project Natal will fit together nicely. I look forward to seeing what RARE can produce in the future for Natal, and who knows maybe one day some of those canned projects will resurface.

2 thoughts on “Rumor: Kameo 2 and other RARE projects smashed by Project Natal”

  1. what i want right now is a Jet Force Gemini 2 for Wii. i know that will never happen but think, using the wepones with the Wii zapper…pure awsomeness

  2. That’s a shame that there will be no sequel anytime soon as that could help Microsoft diversity the titles in Microsoft line up and maybe get more of a younger audience. Get more developers to make some games like that and they could have more sales for their console.

    I do wonder if getting bought out by Microsoft was a good idea.

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