Rumor: New Duke Nukem game teased

A new Facebook page under the name of Duke Nukem posted a screen shot of a supposed preview of a picture under the label of “D-Day.”

The account doesn’t have any real background so we can’t say for sure, but the picture looks pretty legit. Hopefully it is Duke Nukem Forever so we can all start making jokes about it again.

On the bright side, even if this tease doesn’t turn out to be real there is still Duke Nukem Trilogy for the PSP and DS which is scheduled to start some time in 2010. Hopefully those will fill that Duke Nukem sized hole in all of our hearts.

You can check out the screen after the jump.

(Source: Destructoid)


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  1. At this point I’m willing to bet that 3D Realms entire payroll is one PR guy and one art guy. Everyone else are temps that are brought in when they need extra bodies to look like something’s being accomplished.

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