Rumor: Nintendo blocking certain third party titles from the Virtual Console

Super Mario Kart is coming out soon on the Virtual Console, but it seems like Nintendo be sacrificing a 3rd party game in the process. A member on NTSC-UK wroteI was working for a company last year who submitted a SNES game to the VC which got turned down. Nintendo said it was because it was direct competition to one of their upcoming games which they were struggling to emulate for the VC. My prediction was SMK and it looks like I was spot on.

The poster later confirmed that the title was Street Racer which also appeared on the Super Nintendo and looks somewhat similar to Super Mario Kart. This is just some random poster so we can’t say the legitimacy, but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo decided to do this.

If it is true, hopefully Street Racer will eventually see a release on the Virtual Console. The more titles available for the service the better. But you have to wonder if Nintendo has blocked other possible releases because they were “direct competition.”

(Source: Nintendo Life)

2 thoughts on “Rumor: Nintendo blocking certain third party titles from the Virtual Console”

  1. Sounds like rubbish to me. It’s no secret VC releases are really slow. Nintendo do not promote any VC releases, they remain a constant price indefinately and are released without notice (so competition is irrelevant). Most probably they just add it to a list of titles to be released in order and this title happened to be low on the list.

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