Rumor: Tales of Vesperia heading to Wii in some form

The Japanese voice actor of Duke in Tales of Vesperia recently blogged about Tales of Vesperia franchise. Within the post he mentions Tales of Vesperia heading to Wii, but  the voice actor doesn’t mention whether or not the game is a direct port or a spin off though.

Tales of Graces doesn’t look half bad on the Wii, so if it was ported I could imagine it making a somewhat smooth transition. Although it could never look as good as the 360 and PS3 versions though, but for those limited to just the Wii could definitely appreciate it.

5 thoughts on “Rumor: Tales of Vesperia heading to Wii in some form”

  1. Considering they made it for PS3 with tons of extras already, I’d be pretty suprised at a remake/port of vesperia especially considering the huge downgrade but hey you never know.
    They might just make a TOV2 especially considering Namco said they want to make one.

    1. I think that the rumored sequel would be released on Wii if both rumors are true, however I think that a remake/port is very unlikely and would only ever be released in japan much like the PS3 version.
      but thats just my theory on it.

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