Square-Enix announces Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days

I’m 4 days late, but if you haven’t happened to hear that Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days is on the way…then surprise! The new title will take Kane and Lynch through the gritty underground Shanghai underworld. The title will also be taking a new visual approach inspired by documentary film makers and the “user-generated era.” IO interactive hopes that this will bring a fresh look at “intensity and realism” in video games.

Square-Enix as of right now has only confirmed a 2010 launch window, so it could still be quite awhile till we can get our hands on the title. The title will be appearing on X-box 360, PS3 and PC. You can check out the two trailers after the jump.

Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days will probably be rated M for Mature so keep that in mind when deciding to watch the trailers


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