Tales of Vesperia voice actor says Tales of Vesperia Wii comment was a mistake

The voice actor for Duke in Tales of Vesperia the other day said a comment that made it sound like Tales of Vesperia was heading to Wii in some form. After the news spread around he corrected his comment on his blog.

When I mentioned being on sale for the Wii, I meant Tales of Graces, and not Tales of Vesperia! I truly apologize to everyone for the misunderstanding!!!

This could be disappointing for some Wii owners who are fans of the Tales series, but with Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World already on the platform and Tales of Graces most likely coming out some time next year for North America and hopefully Europe I’m sure they are already plenty happy already.

(Source: Abyssal Chronicales )
Thanks Sonniku

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