TheSpeedGamer’s Coat of Arms Hoodie is now available!

Sorry for the slight delay, but the hoodies are finally here! They are priced at $27, shipping goes as follows:

Shipping in the U.S= $8.50: Priority
Canada=$10.50: first class
everywhere else= $13.50: first class

The Hoodies wont actually ship until Tuesday, that’s the latest that I expect the packaging we will be shipping the hoodies in to show up.

TheSpeedGamer’s Coat of Arms design was created by the amazing Anatotitan and printed on Jerzees 50/50 hooded sweatshirt. Sizes run pretty small, I’d suggest getting a size larger than what you would normally would wear. Exact dimensions are shown below.

We will be ordering more sizes, and also bigger sizes which should arrive the first week of December.  More images of us wearing the hoodies will go up tomorrow.hoodieMeasurements

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