TSG's Xbox 360 Netflix Movie Party

Ok guys we’re going to try something new. Inspired by Capcom’s community we are going to hold a TSG Community Movie Party via Netflix on the 360.

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Here’s the deal, You have to have a 360 with at least a gold membership and a Netflix Membership (Meaning U.S only…sorry)

Space is limited to 8 people so we may hold multiple viewings depending on how big a crowd there is. These will be held on the weekends and the movie will be voted on by the community.

Please only vote if you are attending.

Movie Info’s:
The Neverending Story
Forrest Gump
The Fifth Element
Almost Heroes
Random Mystery Science Theater 3000 Episode
FernGully: The Last Rainforest
The Nightmare Before Christmas

9 thoughts on “TSG's Xbox 360 Netflix Movie Party”

    1. No I believe there are laws against that. In the Netflix dashboard app, there is a feature called “party”. It allows up to 8 people who have Netflix accounts and gold subscriptions to watch a movie together and communicate.

      So the limit is 8 persons per screening, we are able to have multiple screenings…so it all depends on how many people participate.

  1. Dang, I wish I could make it (I’ve been meaning to do a netflix party with people) but I have a show those nights at that time. Hopefully it gets enough reception to hold some more in the future. Neat idea 🙂

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