VG Flash #13 – The Fierce Battle

Stupid puns! Goofy attacks! Typos in the credits! This cartoon has it all. I always thought the statues in Final Fantasy 6 were kind of creepy. I mean they’re just standing there, but you know all the insane attacks and spells are coming from them.

So I destroyed all the creepiness by replacing them with a big cartoony sloth statue. Because that’s how I roll.


3 thoughts on “VG Flash #13 – The Fierce Battle”

  1. You are so awesome for making this, FF6 = my favorite Final Fantasy. This song horrified me the first time I fought the Ultima(Atma) Weapon, I was like alright another boss… why does this guy have his own battle music… anyways hilarious flash, I love making puns myself as bad as mine normally are. Zee = best summoner ever, i’m gonna use her and Wilhelm’s name now for every summoner and dragoon I play.

  2. Awesome, I share your amazement about enemies just standing there even though you know that they’re casting all these insane spells and doing all these powerful attacks.

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