VG Flash #15 – Dark World

Hooray Zelda! As a kid I was fascinated by the Dark World in Link to the Past. Negative emotions, personal problems, and regrets turning people into horrible monsters? Pretty freaky stuff if you ask me. The music always stuck with me, too. When Smash Brothers Brawl came out, I was so happy that they remixed the Dark World theme that I knew I wanted to make a cartoon from it some time. TSG’s third Zelda marathon gave me the perfect excuse!


3 thoughts on “VG Flash #15 – Dark World”

  1. When I was a kid playing LttP, I was always so freaked out of using the Mirror in a place I couldn’t go (i.e. on top of a rock or ledge that was in one world but not in the other). Not really sure why..maybe just terrified of getting stuck in a wall. Then again, I was pretty easily freaked out as a kid. 😉
    Anyway, awesome music, awesome remix, and awesome vid, as per usual. (:

  2. When Wilhelm was first shown from behind the darkness I almost jumped, I didn’t expect him to look like that and it caught me off guard! Very nostalgic choice of music, recently between Gwellin’s Route TSG and this now i’ve been wanting to play Link to the Past again more and more. I love how you managed to capture the theme and environment of the dark world so well.

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