VG Flash #16 – U.N. Owen Was Her?

Ok, so, originally I was just going to post this without comment and see how many “…what” replies I got. But then I figured I should probably explain this mess.

This was posted on April Fool’s Day as a joke. A new trend on Youtube is to post “fanime,” or home-made cartoons using MS Paint and Windows Movie Maker. Kids make their own little shows, cast their friends as voice actors, and post them for all the world to see. Yeah, this is poking fun at the practice, but rest assured that had the resources been available to me as a kid, I’d have posted dozens of incomprehensible cartoons.

Wait, that’s what I do now…


5 thoughts on “VG Flash #16 – U.N. Owen Was Her?”

  1. YES (M.Bison type meme yes). Now I’m hoping for Hiroari Shoots a Strange Bird ~ Till When?

    But there’s like no chance of that happening… I think…
    And yes, Touhou music does have long, flowery names… for the most part
    Also, what? Wilhelm and Zee as… dog…fox…things?

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