VG Flash #18 – Humoresque of a Little Dog

And now let’s get silly. Wilhelm and Zee interview possible temps, but as with all auditions, it’s mostly full of crazies. It’s like getting 5 million tiny, stupid cartoons for the price of one (stupid cartoon)! This was made for TSG’s second Mother marathon, so naturally I just had to use the wacky drugstore music.

This video proves that things slowly and unnaturally rotating for no reason will always make me laugh. I’m simple like that.


5 thoughts on “VG Flash #18 – Humoresque of a Little Dog”

  1. This video was amazing! It was part cute, part creepy and over all hilarious. Ever since SSBB, I see this song as Nintendo’s version of Yakkity Sax, a song that can make anything funny. This video with the multiple references and random humor worked perfect with this song.

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