VG Flash #20 – Step into my Gardens

Today’s cartoon was brought to you by the number 20, and the letters W, T, and F!

Many months before I uploaded this one, someone had requested a Bioshock-themed cartoon. I still haven’t gotten to play Bioshock, but I did enjoy the soundtrack. Of all the songs on it, this seemed to be the easiest to animate to. As we all know, it’s best to always take the easy route when doing anything ever, so I did! YAY ME AND YAY LAZINESS!


4 thoughts on “VG Flash #20 – Step into my Gardens”

  1. I have to say, that was probably the creepiest i’ve ever seen Wilhelm and Zee, also who’s the guy in the vines? Is that a new character at this point in the series? Anyways, you may have said this was the easy way but you did also say it was the best and you were right, this one seemed to have some of the most animation and detail out of all of the flashes so far. Great job, even if it did freak me out it was a good thing!

    1. Kinda sorta; his species will show up more in their world. I have some plans for the character, but I’m not sure quite when he’ll be coming back.


  2. Phew! I may very well have nightmares involving a blueberry and a tempura shrimp, and let me say that will be very difficult to explain when I bolt out of bed! Your creative juices were really pumping on this one; I love it!

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