VG Flash #21 – The Big Whale

Yay! We’re almost through the backlog of these cartoons. Then I can simply bother everyone monthly or so instead of daily. Won’t that be great, kids?

Here’s The Big Whale, starring… a big whale. It’s a huge leap of logic to make that connection, I know. I originally made this just for fun, because I wanted to do a cartoon that did a lot with a little;  I made this big, elaborate whale character and just focused on the fun of riding him around instead of working in some elaborate story. People seem to dig Giant Happy Space Whale. AS WELL THEY SHOULD.

TSG announced the date of their Final Fantasy marathon shortly after I made this, so I held onto it until then. I’m sneaky like that.


3 thoughts on “VG Flash #21 – The Big Whale”

  1. Those whales are awesome! Looked like Wilhelm was having a blast! The beginning art reminded me of LoZ: Twilight Princess and the last parts of the flash were like Super Mario Galaxy. Hopefully after you show all of your current flashes you continue to post something or else I won’t have anything Ana related to look forward to when I see the homepage, and I wouldn’t be surprised if demons from the bowels of the underworld are enjoying your work as well and you wouldn’t want to anger them and have to worry about them rising from the depths and feasting on the flesh of our feeble mortal coil would you?

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