VG Flash #22 – Snake Man

Oh Mega Man 3. Mega Man was something of a tradition in my house as a kid. MM2 was one of the first NES games I ever played. Every time a new one would come out, my brother and I would rent it ASAP and try to beat it in a single weekend. We made up Robot Masters and even participated in Nintendo Power’s robot design contest. It’s probably my brother’s favorite series of all time; after some time he’d almost only play old games, and for a while beating a Mega Man game was his default way to kill time.  Some of my fondest gaming memories are of that series, so naturally I was excited about The Speed Gamers’ MM marathon.

Snake Man is my favorite Robot Master and his theme is my favorite song of the series. I can’t remember if I even originally did this cartoon just for the marathon or if I just felt compelled to pay tribute to the blue bomber. This cartoon makes little-to-no-sense, and by gum that’s how it ought to be!


One thought on “VG Flash #22 – Snake Man”

  1. I love both of these songs used in the video, I actually have MM3 – Get a Weapon as one on my stage songs on Lylat Cruise in Brawl. Mega Man 3 was a very shocking to me, from going from 2 to 3 I was like “wow this game is easy” and then after you beat the 8 robot masters and need to go through the 4 corner stages again the difficulty jumped. Before I get lost in nostalgia now, I gotta say this was a pretty funky video, part making you wanna just start dancing and part confusion. Over all great video, I loved the pixelated 8-bit look!

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