VG Flash #23 – Circus of the Scars

In some regards, games look weirder and weirder to me. All of them have to abide by the almighty Game Logic, you see. First aid kits completely heal monster bites and gunshot wounds, enemies don’t know how to use power-ups, and your animal mounts can run for all eternity without stopping to rest.

One staple of Game Logic is The NPC Who Blocks Your Path For Some Petty Reason. You have to save the world, but if some little kid says “you can’t go down this alley until you give me the password!” then by giblets you’re going to find out that password. No chopping the kid’s head off or even picking him up and moving him aside. For all the bad press game characters get for being evil influences, they sure are sticklers for the rules.

That’s basically how Wilhelm acts. If he can keep from it, he won’t break any rule. If he does, then he might as well BE that evil villain that’s trying to destroy the planet.


One thought on “VG Flash #23 – Circus of the Scars”

  1. This has to be one of my favorite videos so far, it was hilarious the whole way through and the only thing keeping it from being something you’d see in an old cartoon is Wilhelm being launched in the air from the palm tree bending too far. The art style, music, and facial expressions were perfect for this.

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