All 493 Pokemon caught, over $18k raised for Ally’s House!

What a picture perfect marathon. We had a photo finish in catching our last and 493rd Pokemon. I can’t tell you how much excitement was flowing through the room. We are all proud to have raised over $18,000 for Ally’s House. We are about $1,000 short of $125,000 total raised for various causes.

Emails will be sent out shortly to those of you who won prizes :

  • Meowth hat and Pokemon Indigo League season 1: Redraw
  • Pokemon Diamond/Ho-oh plushie: Mike Furst
  • Pokemon Pearl/Turtwig plushie: Justin Felke
  • Pokemon Platinum/Palkia figurine: Ruju
  • Shiny Team: Redah Winsblow
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Peter T.
  • Pokemon Card collection: Stian Haugen
  • Heart Gold: Tom Katzman
  • Soul Silver: Chris Jolly
  • Drawing of Pokemon team of your choice, by Anatotitan: Nicholas Viola

42 thoughts on “All 493 Pokemon caught, over $18k raised for Ally’s House!”

  1. And a great time was had by all. Not even keyboard cat could play that off, because it was too awesome. Goal was demolished, and ya got all the Pokemon. The real winner is Ally’s House. See you next mission.

  2. Absolutely fantastic marathon – congrats on catching ’em all and beating the target!! So glad I could donate this marathon, looking forward to all those still to come!! Keep up the awesome work guys!!

  3. Gratz on raising the total + more guys!
    I was ready to watch the end but my broadband took the worst time to stop working so I was without internet for the night! D:

    I spent around an hour trying to fix it but with no success, well I was there in spirit! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. wow, that was fun. my friend Blayke watched for the first night and the first half of saturday. he enjoyed watching chuggaa try to catch mewtwo. cuz it became so tense and suspenceful. happy holidays. then gengar jumped in his sleigh and gave out a whistle *look out heres a cop coming with a pistol*, and then gengar exclaimed as he drove outta sight *MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL, oh crap, i ran over ur bike*! c ya all in march, that is if school doesnt get in the way.

  5. omg! it was so epic when we reached the final pokemon. I people wouldn’t have known you guys started like 20 min. late, they wouldn’t be freaking out. When pkmnfan lost against lucario to evolve bayleaf, that was so exciting! ^^

  6. Omg! It was way to epic of a time the last few days. Great marathon! Congrats on reaching more than your goal! TSG is awesome, see you all next mission. Oh yea and MY NAME IS POTATO!!!! Rofl ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Here’s some random math for you: In the first nine months TSG was around, they did 15,648.23 across 5 marathons. Per this post they’re now right about $124,000. This tells us two things.
    First: More money was raised in just this one 72 hr marathon than the first calender year (Mar 08-Dec 08)
    Second: In this year alone, which also had 5 charaity marathons, they’ve collected OVER ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS. Almost $110k. That’s like 7x the first year!

    I think that deserves a forum post. I’m gonna go make one right now.

  8. Thanks for fixing my name. ๐Ÿ˜‰ (It wasn’t really a big deal to me anyway, I get it all the time.) :p

    Once again, thanks a ton for an amazing marathon! You guys should feel great about yourselves that you can put on such an entertaining show for a good cause. Here’s till 2010!

  9. shame to see it go ๐Ÿ™ i misssed the last hour so i don’t know what happened unfortunatley

    did chuggaa ever take off the mask and will he be there next year?

        1. We showed the Gamestop/Toys R Us/Nintendo World Store events for all of those pokemon and did not cheat to get them. So at the end of the marathon we had all 493 without cheating. Or would you like to suggest another way to get them that isn’t cheating? Because that doesn’t exist.

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