Community Podcast #1

Community members Luigi110, Ck14500, Ruju and CapcomMaster1881 have put together a podcast of their own, idea credited to Masamune!  They go over a variety of topics surrounding TSG like favorite and least favorite marathon moments and other community related topics.

[audio:|titles=Community Podcast #1]

26 thoughts on “Community Podcast #1”

  1. Nice marathon, I think it was me who said the marathon starts at midnight on Twitter, it’s ’cause me and most of my followers are GMT and it starts at midnight then, just to clear it up 😉

    But good podcast overall guys! =D

    1. Great ideas Mario! I really like the trivia and Community Quotes idea. You would come up with awesome ideas when I probably couldn’t do them x3 You should be in a podcast!

      Thanks again <3

  2. Crisis Core actually came out in 2008.
    I’m surprised they’re already coming out with an Arkham Asylum sequel; it’s only been a few months since it came out.
    And maybe you can make the podcast better by putting me in it! lol

      1. Lol yeah I remembered. Only because I used to talk about it with a friend I haven’t talked to in over a year >-> So it couldn’t have come out this year.

        Still good game though <3

  3. I have to say, one of my favorite moments was during the Megaman Marathon when the marathon ended and TSG didn’t reach the goal, but then abou an hour later, a very generous someone donated enough to put the donations over the top! 😀
    Thank you again to this person, I fail for forgetting your name :p

  4. Such a great thing to listen to as I wake up and begin recovering from the marathon 😀 If only they were weekly instead of bi-weekly but I’m still very glad to see community podcasts!

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