Dante’s Inferno special edition exclusive to PlayStation 3

…or well the “Divine Edition.” Anyways if you plan on picking up Dante’s Infenro you may lean to the PlayStation 3 version.

The Divine Edition, which as previously mentioned is a PS3 exclusive, will cost the exact same price of a standard copy of the game ($59.99) and includes developer commentaries, a digital art book, the sound track to Dante’s Inferno, and a digital version of the complete Longfellow translations of Dante Alihieri’s Inferno.

The press release also revealed that the X box 360 version of the demo will be on X-box Live December 24th. PlayStation 3 owners can already download the demo.

Dante’s Inferno will be available on Februrary 9th in North America for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. The press release doesn’t mention a European release of the Divine Edition, but those looking forward to the game can pick it up on February 12th.

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