Etrian Odyssey III details, plus trailer


Another title I fell behind on earlier in the week, Etrian Odyssey III was announced for Nintendo DS. The only reason I really know about the series is FOE, but I also know it has a bit of a following. Yeah, anyways back to the important stuff.

Etrian Odyssey III’s main story will be focused on the island city of Amroad, a ancient city that once had a great civilzation before it was sunk into the ocean by a Earthquake. The goal of the player is to seek out clues about the missing city and its lost technology.

The story sets up Etrian Odyssey III in a Ocean setting which offers a cariety of game changes. Players will be able to explore the seas around Amroad, but much like the dungeons they will  have to map the sea for themselves.  Guilds now give out a new kind of quest called “Oceanic Quests” which take place in the sea, so the sea isn’t just for going from point A to B.

On the player side the title will be introducing five new classes: Prince, Phalanx, Monk, Shinobi, and to fit the ocean theme, Pirate. In addition to these new classes all the previous artwork is being completely redrawn for Etrian Odyssey III.

Last but not least the game will feature a multiplayer mode called “Sea Quest” which will support up to five players. No other detials were released about this mode though.

Etrian Odyssy III has yet to be announced outside of Japan, so in the mean time check out the Japanese website. If you plan on playing the Japanese version you can pick up the title on March 4th.

(Source: Andriasang)

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