Europe gets exclusive “Death Edition” of Dante’s Inferno

North America is getting the “Divine Edition” of Dante’s Inferno, but Europe is getting the cooler named “Death Edition” which also has more stuff then the “Divine Edition.” The main difference between these bundles is that the “Death Edition”  has a skin of Dead Space’s main protagonist Isaac which you can play through the game with.

The “Death Edition”  has lots of documentaries including making of the game, the making of the music and audio, and one called “Dante in History.” The collection also includes a digital art book, a sound track, 10 minutes of footage from “Dante’s Inferno Animated Epic”, and a digital reprint of Dante Alihieri’s Inferno.

Unlike the “Divine Edition”, which is a PlayStation 3 exclusive, the “Death Edition” will be for both the X-box 360 and PlayStation 3 in Europe.

Dante’s Inferno is set for a February 12th release in Europe. North Americans can pick up the title and the Divine Edition February 9th.

(Via: Kotaku)
(Source: Console Planet Network)

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