Fragile Dreams European Trailer


This trailer is our first look at the English voice acting X-Seed and Rising Star Games are bringing to the Fragile Dreams. As noted at the begining of the trailer, the game will feature the Japanese voice track if the English one doesn’t suit your tastes.

Fragile Dreams is set for Early 2010 in both Europe and North America on the Wii, so keep an eye out for a release date announcement.

4 thoughts on “Fragile Dreams European Trailer”

  1. I’m a bit unlucky with that trailer. Because whenever I try to watch it the sound is either screwed up or just completely gone.
    I’ll watch it later, but form what I’ve seen it seems awesome. c:

  2. This looks like something I may actually pickup in the near future. Almost looks to have a similar feel as Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter did for the PS2.

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