Game Review: New Super Mario Bros. Wii

I know it’s been out for a little bit, but hey it’s the last month of school and that means gearing up for finals…so calm down.

I review probably one of the best original wii games to come out this year, and to be clear by original I mean no “New Play Control” or “Trilogy” packs.

I skip out on reviewing the multiplayer mostly because I don’t have any friends around when I want to capture the footage, but also because you’re most likely not going to buy the game for the multiplayer. Anyway enjoy, and comments are always welcome.

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14 thoughts on “Game Review: New Super Mario Bros. Wii”

  1. Yay another local review!

    Thanks for slapping me with another reminder for Noah and the Whale there. No wonder we’re best friends! <3

    Awesomesauce review as always! <3

  2. I disagree with the review saying the penguin suit is only useful for the ice world. The penguin suit is awesome in water and it should be used for every water level in the game.

    1. I notice I accidentally said “the propeller suit makes you more agile in the water” that was meant to be “penguin suit”. On the issue of the water levels, I agree the penguin suit should be used for them, but there are very few water levels in the entire game.

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