Help ACT Today without even droppin a dime

Here’s an opportunity to help ACT Today by doing a few simple steps on facebook. Chase bank is holding a contest through facebook in which they’re asking people to vote on LA charities. I think we have a big enough community that we can easily help them get in the top 100 and win $25,000. Below are instructions from ACT Today. Deadline is Dec. 11 -Britt

Help ACT Today! Win $25,000!

Calling all Facebookers! The Chase Giving Campaign is giving away $5 million to local charities – and ACT Today! is one of them. Vote for us today and tell all of your Facebook friends to vote for us as well. We need YOUR vote today if we are to receive the $1 million donation. YOUR vote can help the life of an autistic child.

Here’s how you can help:
1.  Click here:
2.  Log onto your Facebook account.  If you don’t have one, it is very simple to sign up for one.
3.  Click on Chase Giving or Search Charity on the tab on top.
4.  Type in Act Today where it says Enter Your Charity.
5.  Click on Vote for Charity.
6.  If you can, write why you support ACT Today! and click Publish.
7.  If you want to help more, post it on your Profile Page to help spread the word.
8.  If you really want to make a difference, click on the Invite a Friend and ask them to vote for us too!

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