Kamiya wants to make a Viewtiful Joe sequel, no longer interested in Okami

Clover Studio’s has been gone for awhile now, but most of their team is at  Platinum Games now and continues to develop games like MadWorld and Bayonetta.

Platnium Games’ Hideiki Kamiya directed the Viewtiful Joe series and the original Okami back when he was working at Clover Studios.  When asked about returning to older franchises at Capcom he said “I don’t have the rights to any of the IPs that I’ve made. They belong to the companies that publish them, and they’re a business so they have a right to exploit those IPs as they want…. However, to be completely honest, I’d love to do them myself.

When asked to specify more specific IP’s Kamiya said “Up until very recently I really felt someday I wanted to make a sequel to Okami, and there were others who wanted me to as well. But then the other day I heard the announcement that someone else would be making a sequel and now I’m just not interested in it anymore. Once someone else touches a world that you yourself created it stops being yours. There is no point in making a sequel when the world doesn’t belong to you. Viewtiful Joe is probably all I’ve got left. That story is incomplete so I’d like to finish it someday. But that would probably be the most difficult one to do [laughs].

(Source: Game Informer)

7 thoughts on “Kamiya wants to make a Viewtiful Joe sequel, no longer interested in Okami”

  1. This is what I was afraid of when I heard Okamiden was being made. I can sympathize with Kamiya here, really. Hopefully Capcom will let him finish Viewtiful Joe because I loved the first two and really wanted to see the end of the story.

  2. Great game, great characters, great storyline, just an all around great game. If there is another, it better not be for DS only, and if there’s another Super Smash Bros. Joe better be in it. (and Banjo Kazooie too!)

  3. It wouldn’t be surprising to see another Viewtiful Joe came considering he’s going to be a character in the upcoming game Tatsunako vs Capcom. That might spark interest enough to want another game. I can see it already…

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