Last Window story details and Famitsu scan

These details include some minor spoilers, so if you want to shield yourself from any story elements at all be sure to skip past the paragraph after the jump.

The scan shows off a few of the new characters, so if your curious about the character design hit the jump.

*Spoilers* Last Window picks up one year after Hotel Dusk. Kyle Hyde’s situation is looking rough though as he  gets fired from the  Red Crown and evicted from his apartment in the same morning. Soon after he recives a letter from a anonymous sender who is searching for a object known as the “Red Star.” This object is supposedly inside a apartment building known as Cape West which is scheduled for demolition. Kyle Hyde attempts to find the “Red Star” by searching for clues and talking to the apartment’s residence. In search of the object he finds out that this apartment is connected to his father’s death. *End Spoilers*

Last Window yet to be announced for any region outside of Japan.

(Details Source: 1UP)

last_window Famitsu Scan

(Scan Source: GoNintendo)

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  1. I’m fairly confident this will make it over to North America, it’s my understanding the first one did fairly well.
    Oh Kyle Hyde, if you need a place to stay, I have a spare room available! It’s my closet. _awesome_

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