Local’s Music: “Going Nowhere”

Well I decided to make a free album similar to Anatotitan’s OILD Soundtrack however the difference here will be all of the music will be original and I will show you a little bit of the process I go through. I’m hoping this will inspire some people to try their hand at it.

Now when I said all the music will be original, this means it will all be written and played by me. No loops, no samples. I’m not saying those things are bad I actually quite enjoy remixes, but I just won’t be doing them.

To start this off let me introduce you to “Going Nowhere”, I hope you all enjoy.

[audio:http://localretard.com/download/Going_Nowhere.mp3|titles=Going Nowhere|artists=Local]

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Yes it’s a little sloppy and reminiscent of early Bright Eyes, but I prefer to think it’s more like older Okkervil River.

Now the process I used for this particular one was a little different than my normal way. I had to use GarageBand for this, while most times I usually use Protools LE. I also normally use an Mbox…but sadly I had to use my built-in mic for this one. I customized the EQ’s and effects to make it sound halfway decent I think.

This is a picture of the completed project. (Click image for full-size)

Screen shot 2009-12-10 at 2.07.49 AM

The first track (the top one) was the original guitar track…but I had to redo it because it was far to slow and had a lot of errors. The second track is the tambourine track. Third is obviously vocals. Fourth is the guitar track that you hear. Fifth track is actually a “Pop Flute” software instrument track, this means I actually used my keyboard i’m typing on now to make the notes. In GarageBand this is called “Musical Typing”. I felt like something was missing and since I don’t have any other instruments besides my bass on hand, I decided to use it.

I’ll continue to post updates as I continue to work on this album for now tentively titled “Mono Lives”.

9 thoughts on “Local’s Music: “Going Nowhere””

  1. Super great, like I already told you^^ I really like the music, it’s my kinda style. Also kinda sad, but some of the best songs are, right?

    Great job! I can’t wait to hear some more from you.


  2. Good stuff! Can’t wait to hear some more (wait what do you mean this was said before?) Anyways, I like how the song came out, it’s a very unique change of style from what I normally listen to. Though I agree it’s a very good song it seems to be missing something outstanding, something that makes the sounds itself unique, they kind of blended together, not that it’s bad it just may be a tempo thing on how they are all the same pace or a bass/treble thing on how they blend together. That just my opinion but then again that stuff may ruin the uniqueness of it. Just play around with a few things and try something a bit different with each song until you get something you like. In the end, once again, still a really good song!

  3. Your career is like the title of this track, it’s going nowhere. Oh Snap, burn. Nah I’m just kidding Local Sounds good, but seems like the low quality of the guitar keeps it from blending as nice as it could. Still a wonderful track though. 😛

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