Mega Man 10 details and rumors round up

Mega Man 10 was announced earlier this week and quite a few details have popped up. I decided to round up all the details I missed and shove them into one post.

First up are the details from the Nintendo Power page posted online which initially revealed the title.

In Mega Man 10 Mega Man is looking for a vaccine-making device to fight “robotenza” which causes robots to over heat and go berserk. Mega Man won’t be alone in his search though as Proto Man will be available to play from at the start. A third playable character will be available as well, more on that in the rumor section.

More details after the jump.

Mega Man 10 SHEEP MAN

The new robot master Sheep Man, who is pictured above (sorry for it being off centered), uses four clouds that hover above and shoot out lighting. By defeating Sheep Man you will receive thunder wool for lightning attacks.

In terms of stages there will be a computer themed stage with mouse pointer enemies who will draw boxes and throw them at you. There will be a lava level that is vertically oriented and has lava pools and conveyor belts that push you down. This stage will also include blocks shaped like enemies that can duplicate themselves.

The game will feature a easy mode for anyone who has difficulties getting through the title.


Now that Nintendo Power is out and in the hand of consumers we learn from the rest of the article that there is yet another robot master revealed, Commando Man. Commando Man’s attacks have a large area of impact making it difficult for Mega Man to evade. He can stun you by pounding the ground and unleash homing attacks.

Commando Man is in charge of a desert stage. This stage has sand storms that not only blocks your vision, but also pushes you around. There are safe spots though where Mega Man won’t be affected.

There will be a ice boss, who’s name is currently unannounced, that will have a glacier stage. This stage will include snowmen with exploding heads and ice blocks that you can break when you shoot them.

Another stage is a sports stadium which has baseball throwing robots, soccer platforms that rise when shot, and a soccer goal midboss.

The shop returns in Mega Man 10 where you can purchase E-tanks and other helpful items. Achievements also return for those who want to challenge themselves. For online functions Mega Man 10 will include online rankings and downloadable content.

Splash Woman fans will be disappointed to hear that there will not be another female robot master in this title.

Mega Man 10 is set for a March 2010 launch for WiiWare.

As for rumors a, what seems to be accurate, site said that the 3rd playable character will be Bass who may possibly be DLC. They also said that there will be a two player mode, but it is unknown how exactly the mode will work. Again these are rumors.

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