New Left 4 Dead 2 campagin “The Passing” features L4D 1 characters

Valve has announced the first DLC for Left 4 Dead 2. The DLC will include a new campaign called “The Passing” which takes place after the events of “Dead Center.” The mission is set in a small town in rural Georgia where players, who still control the Left 4 Dead 2 cast, will be able to meet up with the cast of survivors from the original Left 4 Dead.

As for actual gameplay content the game will include a new co-operative challenge mode. In the new campaign players will encounter a new “uncommon common” infected type and will be getting new weapons including one new fire arm and one new melee weapon as well.

The DLC is planned for an early spring release on both the X-box 360 and PC, but as of right now there has yet to be an announcement for the pricing of the content.

(Source: Kotaku)

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  1. YES. I’ve been hoping for this. I really, really want Francis to become visibly annoyed at Ellis’ cheerful attitude and pointless stories. The bickering would be hilarious.

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