Hello everyone! Remember when Britt said I have something big for December? Know how I’ve been kind of busy lately? Know how you deserve something awesome this month? Well here it is! I present to you…


Yes, that’s right! Obligatory Ice Level Day! The winter holiday that celebrates one of the biggest, most famous staples of video games: THE ICE LEVEL! We all know ice levels, right? Covered in snow, full of deadly penguins? Well all this month I’ll be posting about various ice levels.

But wait, there’s more! I’ll also be linking to some great songs, both official and remixed. And as a special gift, I’m even posting wallpapers every day! There’s one additional treat as well, but I can’t show it until later today so stay tuned!

Since this holiday is completely absurd and isn’t to be taken seriously, anyone can join in! Make this into an event everyone can enjoy! Just follow these simple rules:

HELP OUT CHARITIES: Of course we all know about The Speed Gamers’ Pok√©mon marathon for Ally’s House on December 18th. This would be the perfect time to join in the fun. Donate during the show and help out a great cause! Make sure to promote the marathon long before it even starts! Spread the word! Get others to donate! Even if you can’t give yourself, you can do your part by promoting. Outside of that, you can volunteer some time at local charities or support other causes. In other words, if you can help out anyone in any way, please do.

GIVE SOME CHEER: You can do this however you want. Sing some songs, make art, put up awesome OILD-themed decorations. Make everyone’s life a little bit brighter!

GIVE MORE THAN YOU GET: If someone does something to make you happy, then make them TWICE as happy. Get into the happiest, most obnoxiously cheery rivalry of one-upmanship ever.

SPREAD OBLIGATORY ICE LEVEL DAY!: Tell everyone about this holiday. Link to this page! Make sigs about it! Tip off gaming websites! Turn this into a THING.

So sit tight, because in a moment I’ll make my first O.I.L.D. post of the month!

… uh, not counting this one.


  1. I saw this and I was like “HEY, Ana posted something new… but she’s making me put effort into the holiday” I did plan on putting up some new decorations and ornaments, maybe even make my own :O Looking forward to what you have in store for us!

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