OILD – Blizzard Buffalo's Stage

Day 4 and we’re going strong! Is it getting snowy where you live? After all, today’s level has some pretty intense snow. It’s Blizzard Buffalo’s stage, from Mega Man X3!


The Mega Man series is no stranger to the almighty ice level. It seems like the blue bomber has to defeat some kind of cold-themed robot every few years, doesn’t it? The Mega Man X series started things off with Chill Penguin, and X3 continued the tradition with Blizzard Buffalo.

Blizzard Buffalo’s stage is actually rather atmospheric. In the distance you see a futuristic city skyline, yet some of the skyscrapers are inexplicably destroyed. Did the buffalo destroy a metropolis, or did he decide to set up camp in a ruined city? It’s also nighttime, which gives off an even colder, lonely feel to the stage. You start off with the standard icy floors, but before long you’ll end up in a dark, underground storage area. When you make your way back to the surface, you find yourself in the midst of a heavy snowstorm. However, if you can soldier on, you can use the icy floors to your advantage; if you slide and use the momentum properly, you can leap into a hidden room with an upgrade! Just watch out for the enemies riding snowmobiles. Blizzard Buffalo’s room itself is unusually long, and he’ll try to attack from offscreen. Usually he’ll either charge at you, or shoot ice shards all over the floor and walls. Occasionally he’ll shoot a huge ice beam as well. His weakness is the Parasitic Bomb,  the weapon you get from Blast Hornet. Additionally, if you defeat Volt Catfish before entering this stage, the lights in the city will turn back on and melt some of the ice.


Here’s the wallpaper for Blizzard Buffalo’s Stage! Want the gigantic version? Get it here!

Oh but there’s more! Nina Matsumoto has joined in on the fun! You may have seen her famous Simpsonzu picture. Welp, she’s celebrating OILD by drawing THIS AWESOME ICE MAN PICTURE. And it’s wallpaper sized too! You know you want it. You know what else you want? Her new manga Yokaiden volume 1 and volume 2, for sale now on Amazon! It’s the story of a young boy named Hamachi, who finds himself in the realm of the Yokai, or traditional Japanese monsters. The art is wonderful and the characters are fantastic and hilarious. This would make the perfect gift this season! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

The third thing you want? MUSIC. Like I said, Mega Man’s fought a LOT of ice robots. Here are the themes for Ice Man, Blizzard Man, Freeze Man, and Frost Man, from Mega Man, MM6, MM7, and MM8, respectively. And here are the themes for Chill Penguin, Blizzard Buffalo, Frost Walrus, Blizzard Wolfang, and Avalanche Yeti, from Mega Man X, MMX3, MMX4, MMX6, and MMX8. Yeah, he’s fought more in the other series, but I think you get the idea.

And a bonus remix? You know you need that too! Braincooler is a pretty new remix of Chill Penguin’s stage, by Rozovian.

Our other remix is Frost Bossa, the Frost Man remix by Joshua Morse. Joshua Morse was quite informative during the whole process. He told me how commissioning music works, what the payment system is, and what the fairest deal would be for both of us. He was professional, polite, and fair, and for that he definitely deserves some recognition! Frost Bossa is calm and soothing, so it’s perfect for this happy time of year! Snag the soundtrack and see for yourself!

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  1. Sorry for the late comment, was a bit sick the past days. First off, the Blizzard Buffalo wallpaper is awesome looking, the music is nostalgic and I find it funny that the only main line (non soccer/racing ect.) Mega Man game I don’t own (MMX2) doesn’t have an ice stage (crystal and water doesn’t count!) also “Additionally, if you defeat Volt Catfish before entering this stage, the lights in the city will turn back on and melt some of the ice.” I never knew that, I always went for Blizzard Buffalo first. Long comment is long, to cut it short, Great job, Ana!

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