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Ah, Obligatory Ice Level Eve. Such a wonderful time of year. Surely tonight you’ll be dreaming of what awesome presents you’ll get tomorrow, right? Or even better, what awesome presents you’ll give tomorrow. Today I’m going to talk about an unusual stage. It’s Christmas NiGHTS!


Christmas NiGHTS, the stage that thinks it’s a game. Or is it a game that thinks it’s a stage? Either way, this is a pretty special little ice level. This was a special version of NiGHTS: Into Dreams… that was given away by certain game magazines.

In this stage, the Elliot and Claris (the two children from the main game) team up with NiGHTS and journey to the dreamland of Nightopia to find a star that normally sits upon their favorite Christmas tree. This stage is actually based on the “Spring Valley” stage from the main game, but now it’s been given a holiday makeover.

Unlike the full NiGHTS game, it was only one level, but it had many fun features. Specifically, it used the Sega Saturn’s clock and changed elements of the stage depending on the date. Normally the title screen says “NiGHTS: Limited Edition,” but in November and January, it changes to “Winter NiGHTS.” During this time, the green landscape becomes cold and snowy. In December, the game becomes “Christmas NiGHTS.” This is when the real fun begins, because the stage goes into full-blown holiday mode. Christmas trees decorate the stage, the Nightopian creatures dress as elves, and item boxes turn into presents! The music even takes on a holiday tone. NiGHTS himself also dresses for the occasion, replacing his usual purple outfit with a red and white one. From November to January, the weather will also change according to the hour. It’s such a weird, fun idea to have an action game change with the seasons like this. I wish more games did it!


Today’s wallpaper! NiGHTS and the Nightopians fly during the holidays. Get the full version here!

Oh but here’s more! Others have gotten into the OILD spirit! Check out this sweet Ninja Gaiden picture by Chuckmingus, and this cute Okami picture by Ninjaliz-chan! Thanks to both of you for posting these!

And some music for this nice Ice Level Eve! Christmas in Nightopia is really just a version of Jingle Bells, but it’s still cute, isn’t it? Gillwing’s Christmas Theme plays if you fight the boss Gillwing while the game’s in Christmas NiGHTS mode, and is a holiday version of the monster’s theme. Dreams, Dreams – A Cappella is a slow, sweet version of Dreams, Dreams, which is the main theme of the NiGHTS games. Dreams, Dreams ~Sweet Snow~ is actually from NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, but it plays during a snowy scene and has a wintery sound to it.

And our remix for today: MerryLittleChristmas is a lovely remix of Dreams, Dreams, and it’s by Dale North. It really is a beautiful arrangement. Every year I play this and I usually get a few people asking where it’s from.

Well, tomorrow’s Obligatory Ice Level Day, and the final OILD post of the year. Hmm, I wonder what it will be? Anyway, hopefully you had fun with this silly fake holiday. I sure had fun sharing it with you! Thanks to The Speed Gamers for hosting this madness and for the awesome Pokemon marathon! Thanks to Posu Yan, Joshua Morse, and Select Start for making the wonderful OILD album! And thanks to YOU for supporting Ally’s House and making this marathon one of the best yet!

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  1. Ana, that “MerryLittleChristmas” is amazing, it gave me chills when I first heard it, it’s with out a doubt a beautiful arrangement. kind of depressing that tomorrow is the last day, I had a lot of fun seeing what surprises you had in store for us, have a super great holiday!

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