OILD – Cold Water

Around where I’m from, it doesn’t snow every winter. But it does get bitterly, horribly cold. You know, like being dunked in ice water. That’s why Day 8 of the OILD celebration features Cold Water, from Ecco the Dolphin!


When Ecco’s pod is pulled right out of the ocean and into the sky, he sets off to looking for answers. An orca told him that while nobody knows what happened to his family, an old whale known as Big Blue may know what to do. However, Big Blue isn’t easy to find, and Ecco had to journey past the shark-infested Open Ocean to get to him. After outswimming dozens of hungry sharks, Ecco had to swim through the Ice Zone. The Ice Zone had almost no places to breathe, and Ecco even had to slide across the ice’s surface just to move forward. Beyond that was Hard Water, named after the hundreds of ice blocks that threatened to crush any creature crazy enough to swim through there. After all of that hardship, Ecco ends up in Cold Water, home of Big Blue. Fortunately Cold Water isn’t nearly as deadly as Hard Water, but unfortunately Big Blue had no idea where Ecco’s pod went. He simply tells him to ask a being known as the “Asterite,” as it’s older than the ocean itself…


Distant songs are heard. They sing of the full size version here.

And we gots us some music too! Ice Zone is the music it plays during these cold Ecco levels. Calm, but doesn’t have a very distinctive melody. Most of the music in Ecco was more like New Age ambiance than anything. Still, I like it.

And an unrelated bonus remix! Frosty Delight, by DjChako, is based on Frost Man’s theme from Mega Man 8. I’ve had this remix for quite some time, and after you hear it I think you’ll know why.

2 thoughts on “OILD – Cold Water”

  1. I honestly have never heard of Ecco the Dolphin (cast anti-flame shield) but I have heard of Mega Man 8 and that song makes me think of skiing though Frost Man’s stage with strobe light effects going on, so wanna see it happen now! The Ice Zone stage music is kind of eerie but unique, pretty cool over all. Thanks for still doing all this for the community and for the charities. Only 10 more days to go!

  2. Wow ana…I didn’t know you had this up your sleeve!

    I love the Ecco games and their music. Your right though it’s definitely not as memorable because it is just ambience…but sometimes that can be just as memorable.

    Thanks for the wallpaper.

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