OILD – Fichina

Day 13 and things are heating up!… or cooling down… or something? Anyway I’m still in a Nintendo mood, so today’s level is Fichina, from Star Fox 64!


Now you might be saying “Fichina? There’s no such planet in Star Fox 64!” Well due to a translation error, the American version of SF64 labels the planet “Fortuna.” Fortuna is actually a completely different world, so the mistranslation has caused a bit of confusion. Later Star Fox games have corrected the error.

Anyway, Fichina is one of the coldest planets in the Lylat system. In SF64, the Star Fox team was sent there to investigate some odd occurrences, but found little more than an abandoned base. They were about to leave when suddenly, enemy ships started flying out of the base and attacking. As it turned out, the evil Andross’ army was using Fichina as a hideout. What’s more, Fox and his crew ran into the Star Wolf team, a group of ruthless mercenaries. Star Wolf  engaged them in a dogfight (HEY PUN), wherein each member of their team chased down specific members of the Star Fox team. After a brutal battle, Wolf’s team was defeated, but not for long…


I went with a different look for this wallpaper. Regardless I think it turned out okay! Get the full version here!

And now we’ve got some music! Fichina as it appears in Star Fox 64! And Fichina in Star Fox Assault! And Fichina in Star Fox Command!

And our remix! Frappe Cafe Vibe is another great remix of Frappe Snowland from Mario Kart 64, by none other than Joshua Morse! It’s a pretty old remix, but you can still hear that calm, smooth sound he’s known for.

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  1. Another one of my favorite games! This is the game that I have Gwellin gives me tips on because he’s so awesome at it and I can’t get all the switches on that train level with landmaster. Anyways, enough rambling, for me. The wallpaper here definitely turned awesome as do the all of them. Yesterdays one was awesome to but I fear my comment may be lost forever due to “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” I am not spam =( 5 days left til the marathon, I know you’re ready.

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