OILD – Frappe Snowland

Day 9 and doin’ fine! Today’s level is actually a track. It’s Frappe Snowland, from Mario Kart 64!


Super Mario Kart had Vanilla Lake, so Mario Kart 64 brought us Frappe Snowland! This frosty track was the second course in the Flower Cup. Unlike Vanilla Lake, the track here isn’t particularly slippery, though driving in the actual snow will slow you down quite a bit. You’d better watch out for those snowmen in fezes, too. There are also giant snow sculptures of Mario and Yoshi, but these are purely for decoration… unless you really want to go out of your way to slam into them. There’s also a rather insane glitch you can pull here. If you drive to the right and completely avoid the track, Lakitu will pick you up and place you right in front of the finish line, but the game will count it as having completed a lap. Do this until you get to the last lap, drive through the finish line, and boom! The game thinks you beat Frappe Snowland in about 22 seconds!


Vroom! It’s today’s wallpaper! Race over here for the full version!

Oh but there’s more in store! Nina Matsumoto strikes again, this time with an AWESOME wallpaper of Contra’s Snowfield! You know, if you’re into fancy-shmancy wallpapers that actually look good. She’s been learning a lot about old games lately, so she’s recently learned of the glory that is the Spread weapon. Remember, you can get her new manga Yokaiden volume 1 and volume 2 at Amazon today! For those of you just tuning in, Yokaiden is the story of a young boy named Hamachi and his adventures in the Yokai (traditional Japanese monsters) realm. The characters are hilarious and entertaining, so it’s a must-have comic! Even if you don’t like manga, you’ll love Yokaiden. Trust me.

Oh and we got music too! Vanilla Lake is the ice track from Super Mario Kart! Frappe Snowland is of course from Mario Kart 64. Sherbet Land is from Mario Kart: Double Dash!! And DK Summit is from Mario Kart Wii!

And that wonderful bonus remix! Holiday Snowland is a swingin’ lounge remix of Frappe Snowland, by Tweek! Oh, but don’t worry, Frappe Snowland fans; there’s more great music to be had! So stick around for the rest of the OILD celebration!

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  1. Mario Kart 64 was a huge breakthrough in racing game history in my opinion. I never personally liked racing games til I played this. I’d quote the glitch you mentioned but it’s too long but anyways, I never knew about that, that’s pretty funny. Todays wallpaper is awesome, looks like Yoshi got a road rage, best to stay clear of him! Loved the music also, some nostalgic and some just awesome. Still a huge fan of your work!

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