OILD – Ice Cave

Ok, let’s bust out of the Nintendo streak for a bit. But don’t worry; today’s level is still a classic! It’s the Ice Cave, from Final Fantasy!


Yeah, just “ICE CAVE.” That’s how you know it’s one of the original ice levels. The Ice Cave was north of the firey Mount Gurugu, and a dungeon the Warriors of Light had to explore in order to find the Floater. Or the “Levistone,” if you’re into names that aren’t hilariously weird and cheesy. The floater is an item needed to propel the game’s airship, so there’s no avoiding this cave. There are some annoying enemies here, such as Mindflayers, Winter Wolves, and White Dragons. Or “Frost D”s, if you ARE into names that are hilariously weird and cheesy. This cave doesn’t have slippery floors, but it does have icy water that hurts you every time you step in it. It also has cracked floors that break and send you to a lower floor if you step on them. However, using these cracked floors to your advantage is the only way to get the Floater, so have fun falling through the floor! A monster known as the (Evil) Eye guards the treasure, so you have to be willing to fight for it. FUN FACT: In the old NES Final Fantasy, the boss battles were simply assigned to a map tile that you had to step on. So if you beat the boss, stepped off the tile, and stepped back on, you had to fight that boss again. GUESS WHO HAD FOUND THIS OUT THE HARD WAY.


Today’s wallpaper! Sometimes when I draw fanart of an old game, I try to make it look more like the actual in-game sprites than official art. The colors here are sampled from those old sprites. Anyway get the full version here!

And yep, we have some music! FF’s old Ice Cave doesn’t have any unique music, but that’s ok. Today’s song is People of the North Pole, the theme of Mount Gagazet in Final Fantasy 10!

And as you might expect, a remix as well! Journey’s End is a remix of People of the North Pole, by GrayLightning, pixietricks, and sephfire! It’s a very haunting and very lonely interptretation of the song, and it makes you really want to bundle up in the middle of a bitter snowstorm.

Day after tomorrow’s the big marathon! I hope everyone has a lot of fun at this thing! And I hope some of you newcomers stick around for another great year of charity runs. And for any very new visitors: why not visit the OILD page and download the soundtrack? You’ll be glad you did!

3 thoughts on “OILD – Ice Cave”

  1. Now this is the type of nostalgia that gives you chills, not because of the ice theme either,that gives you a different type of chill. The original Final Fantasy in it’s bug ridden, broken spell glory. Now, I have, to say that wallpaper is freaking AWESOME! You know what else is? You are for everything you do for us! You always manage to amaze me Ana!

  2. Actually, it wasn’t just the NES version of this that they had the monster tiles (like the one above, against the Evil Eye); every reversion (except maybe the PSP one) has had them; So, be it the NES, FF1&2: Origins, or FF1&2: Dawn of Souls, you will always fight an EYE/Evil Eye to get your FLOATER/Levistone, in the ICE CAVE/Cave of Ice.

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