OILD – Ice Country

Just a couple of days away until Obligatory Ice Level Day! I’m excited. Hopefully you all get and give some great presents, especially if it’s just togetherness and cheer! And on that note, here’s a real special ice level. It’s the Ice Country, from Secret of Mana!


And hey, why not show off some of that ice magic in the screenshot too, right? Anyway, when the heroes enter the Ice Country, they run into none other than Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Rudolph tells them that a monster has kidnapped his master, and begs for them to help. After a lovely romp through the forest and many fights with wolf-like Howler monsters, the crew has to deal with Boreal Face, a plant-like boss. After that, they could find Salamando and learn fire-based magic, which is pretty useful in ice levels. After that it’s time to visit the Ice Palace. Lots of stepping on switches, lots of slimes to battle, and lots of Tonpoles and Biting Lizards to beat as a mid-boss. Be careful, or the enemies will “frosty” you, which turns you into a cute little snowman. Eventually a voice tells the heroes to leave, but naturally they refuse. The voice belongs to the Frost Gigas, which is the palace’s boss. Of course the Frost Gigas knows powerful ice magic, so prepare to see lots of those cute snowmen. Anyway, after he’s defeated, the monster turns into… Santa Claus. Yes, you spent the whole fight beating up Santa. He explains that he wanted a mana tree seed so he could grow a huge Christmas Tree, but the seed turned him into a gigas. Fortunately the spell was broken with a good old-fashioned beatdown.


WALLPAPER! Yet another attempt to mimic the in-game artwork. The full version is here!

And MUSIC! A Wish is the song it plays in the crystal forest part of the Ice Country, and Eight Ringing Bells plays in the Ice Palace. They’re both very pretty, don’t you think?

And REMIXES! Ice Crystal Fields Forever is a very soft, ambient version of A Wish, and it’s by Zeratul. CryFromTheForest is a beautiful mix that combines A Wish and Spirit of the Night, and it’s by Kassie and Mustin. Dirge for the Frosty Plains is by mp, and it’s a very calm, soothing mix of A Wish. Desert Snowstorm is an energetic take on Eight Ringing Bells and Secret of the Arid Sands, and it’s by Ziwtra. Secret of Spram (8 Bells Mix) is a fun little mix of Eight Ringing Bells, by JAXX, Kassie, and Mustin.

And of course let’s not forget my favorite mix of A Wish and Eight Ringing Bells: THIS ONE, done by Select Start for the Obligatory Ice Level Day soundtrack. Remember, Select Start will be playing at MAGFest 8, so if you’re attending, please go see them perform!

2 thoughts on “OILD – Ice Country”

  1. “A Wish” is one of my favorite tracks from the SoM soundtrack – it has a serene and peaceful quality to it that’s very atypical of overworld/adventuring areas in games.

  2. It amuses me to no end that not only does Santa make an inexplicable cameo in this game, you get to smack the evil out of him too.
    I still totally love the version of the ‘A Wish’ Select Start did, it’s an excellent mellow-out song. They have another Secret of Mana song on their free CD on their website (the name eludes me right now because I have the memory of a chia pet), it’s equally great!

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